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Luxorious Fabrics & Curtains.

Texmar is one the leading names in the home manufacturing field. It has grown into an Egyptian brand that is globally renowned and respected. The company's innovative designs are regularly selected for international projects in the textile industry.


Responsible for the discovery and design (including prototyping & user testing).

THE challenge

With tens of stores around the country and hundreds of customers per day, Texmar needed an employee mobile app to efficiently process customer orders.

The app needed to match the brand's luxurious identity whilst allowing in-store sales reps to process customer orders using the least number of steps possible.

Texmar had a complicated sales cycle, where a single sales rep had to process simultaneous sales and multiple users took over different stages of each sale.



We begun the project by meeting the project's managers, business consultants and technical staff. During the meeting they walked us through the users' requirements, the sales cycle and the development process.

They also explained Texmar's Odoo ERP system and the part it played in the sales cycle, including the user roles and permissions.

key findings

Efficiency is the number one priority.

In-store sales reps have to simaltaniously assist multiple customers and process their orders. Thus, the mobile app's main priority is to make the process as easy and fast as possible.


A storyboard is a linear sequence of illustrations, arrayed together to visualize a story. As a tool, storyboarding comes from motion picture industry. We use it to visually explore the user's experience with the product, hence allowing us to map out the sales cycle.

Storyboards ensure that:
- The Design is human-centered
- User Flow is considered
- Features are prioritized

Texmar Storyboard


When a customer is interested in buying an item, they would ask the store's sales rep for assistance. The sales rep would then use the app to acquire the customers contact info, create a new order and add the requested items to their digital cart.

The process remains simple as long as the sales rep has to process one order at a time, but what happens when he has to assist multiple customers at the same time? Well, this actually quiet common in the company's sales process. Customers would regularly continue browsing the store after requesting an item, or even leave the store and return to confirm the purchase on another day.

For Texmar, an order of this nature is called a Draft Note (The first stage of the sales process). Sales reps can create numerous draft notes throughout the day and only confirms them when the customer is ready to proceed with the purchase.

Thus, the app needed to ensure that creating new orders and moving from one order to another is simple and efficient.

research synthesis

feature ideation

Texmar Feature Ideation



User Flow is a visualized path that the user follows through an application to complete single or multiple tasks.

Texmar User Flow


A wireframe is often described as the skeleton of the eventual user interface. It’s a low fidelity sketch of the UI.

Wireframes are used to convey the main features, functions and content of the user interface, without getting into the visual design.

Texmar Wireframes

user interface


Texmar Style Guide

final product


interactive prototype - click/tap to test the app

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