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Identity Design

A New Identity Fit For The Digital Age.

Mentors helps organisations evolve into true digital companies through short iterative cycles of business-driven innovation. The company offers best-in-class consulting, implementation, and optimization services to minimize risks and maximize return on investment.

Mentors believes in building successful long-term relationships with its clients and enabling clients to be self-sufficient.

I led the brand overhaul, visual identity, brand look and feel for the Mentors rebrand.


Responsible for the discovery and design (including prototyping & user testing).

THE mission

Mentors’ challenge was to strengthen their brand in order to drive stronger brand results and give more legitimacy to their product and company.

THE outcome

I examined the category, consumers, competitors and their brand to uncover weaknesses and find opportunities for growth. By doing these important immersion steps, I was able to develop a strategic plan to tell a clear and compelling story of the brand and express the brand through a new visual identity, messaging and communication.


The new identity — an abstract play on the letter 'M' — sets the foundation for a new future with its iconic shape. The all-lowercase logotype with subtle rounded corners shows friendliness, while the heavy weight of the type conveys a strong voice and personality.

Mentors Logo
Mentors Logo
Mentors Logo
Mentors Logo

brand colours

The vibrant purple is a color associated with ambition, creativity, and independence.

RGB: 79/72/236
CMYK: 77/73/0/0
RGB: 16/14/52
CMYK: 96/93/46/59
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 75/68/67/90
RGB: 255/255/255
CMYK: 0/0/0/0


Poppins is a geometric sans-serif typeface with a variety of weights and styles to choose from. It was chosen for its high degree of legibility, modern appereance and for the way it complements the Mentors brand elements.

Mentors Typeface

tone of voice & messaging

Innovative and bold. Confident, but not arrogant. Passionate, but never fluffy.

Once we defined the verbal communication style for the Mentors brand, I was able to inject some personality into the language. With a highly technical service such as theirs, it was important for the style to be human, not just descriptive and full of industry jargon. The brand comes to life with clever headlines and body copy, designed to make people think.

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