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A Digital Agency That Builds Solutions For The Real World

Red Monkey merges imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation.

The company offers digital marketing, web design/development and media buying services.

I worked with Red Monkey to create a clear and strong brand in order to shift the odds in favor of Red Monkey in the competitive landscape.


Knowing that I was creating a brand for a company filled with young marketers, software developers and designers, I needed to create a brand to be a foundation for future growth and reflect the company's bold and loud personality.


I designed the Red Monkey's visual identity from the ground up, capturing the new company's excitement and value in a new logo and brand style guidelines.


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The monkey was used as the logo mark to symbolize power, grace and energy.

Red Monkey's biggest visual identifier is their monkey mark, which is one of the only real mainstays of the brand. I wanted to find different ways to incorporate this element across all touch-points, making Red Monkey an exciting, eye-catching brand. Supported by colours that are both vibrant and dark and a dynamic word mark, the visual branding helps Red Monkey stand out.

Red Monkey LogoRed Monkey LogoRed Monkey Logo
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brand colours

The palette has hues that can be used as borders, backgrounds and image fills across applications. Red conveys power and passion, whilst black is used to display elegance and formality. White is used as a natural backdrop that allows the other colours to have a larger voice, but also to convey virtue and simplicity.

RGB: 233/28/43

CMYK: 2/99/93/0
RGB: 33/33/33

CMYK: 72/66/65/73
RGB: 0/0/0

CMYK: 75/68/67/90
RGB: 255/255/255

CMYK: 0/0/0/0
Red Monkey Smoke Bomb


Avant Garde (Gothic) is a geometric sans serif type that is reminiscent of the work from the 1920s German Bauhaus movement. Its distinct look to match the brand's edgy nature.

The term “avant garde” is usually used in the arts meaning unorthodox, experimental, or futuristic.

Red Monkey Typeface

tone of voice & messaging

BOld and confident. informal, but not inappropriate.

I also created an empowering, yet playful brand voice to match the brand's edgy nature. Red Monkey speak to their clients in a tone that is usually informal, but not inappropriate and never snobbish.

The brand voice is:

Clear: Strips away all that jargon, hyperbolic language

Genuine: Relates to small businesses and their challenges speaks to them in a familiar, warm, and accessible way.

Red Monkey Smoke Bomb
Red Monkey - Digital Solutions for the Real World
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