Identity Design

Connecting The World Through Music.

In the age of social media where communication is easier than ever, music sharing was inconvenient, finding people with a similar music taste was a difficult task.

Collab saw a clear gap in the market and decided to create a music social network (mobile application), that connects music listeners from all over the world and allows Apple Music and Spotify users to seamlessly share music.

The process began with crafting a brand strategy and user profiles. From that, a complete identity system was developed to reach every touchpoint.


Responsible for the discovery and design (including prototyping & user testing).

THE mission

Faced with a rapidly changing industry and pressure to stay ahead of the competition, Collab needed a powerful and scalable brand identity to attract a large number of users.

THE outcome

After developing a unique and relevant position, we concepted a name that signifies the app’s ability to help people connect with other music listeners.

I created a visual identity that is vibrant, simple and instantly recognizable.


A play on the universal play symbol, made to work on broad scale of applications and sizes.

Collab Logo
Collab Logo
Collab Logo

brand colours

Bold and fun. Collab's brand colours aim to reflect passion and excitement.

RGB: 242/84/68
CMYK: 0/78/70/0
RGB: 237/58/71
CMYK: 0/87/64/0
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 75/68/67/90
RGB: 255/255/255
CMYK: 0/0/0/0


Modern and clean, with just enough character. A typeface flexible enough to work well across large printed displays down to small digital screens.

Collab Typeface
Collab - Hear It. Share It.
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